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ECU Remapping for Power and Performance Our performance remapping option delivers significant gains in raw power which results in a new lease of life for your vehicle.Our performance software is developed to maintain manufacturer reliability levels and original service intervals whilst delivering a huge gain in power and torque of up to 30% which gives better throttle response, faster acceleration and most often, better fuel economy.Major manufacturers need to limit the power and mpg of their vehicles because they sell across various markets that have extreme climates, different tax/emission regulations and diverse fuel quality. They must take all these factors in to consideration and therefore need to make substantial compromises in their ECU tuning set-up. However, without facing such restrictions, Wessex Tuning is more precise; with our specialised remapping we can safely optimise power and torque outputs thus unlocking engine potential to deliver great performance, Poole Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch.

Do all cars have ECUs?

Not all cars on the road have ECUs. Typically vehicles produced from the mid-1990s onwards have ECUs controlling how they deliver “engine performance”.

Prior to electronic control units, the various aspects of your car engine were manually adjusted or “tuned” to improve the way its performance was delivered. Often this tuning had to be completed on a regular basis due to the use of less sophisticated carburetors that had to be “set” to ensure the best mix of fuel and air entered the combustion chamber of the engine.

For example

  • ECUs can ensure that your engine has the right mixture of air and fuel
  • ECUs can monitor fuel economy according to engine and temperature conditions
  • ECU’s can change engine idle speed depending on whether the engine is cold or hot
  • ECUs can inform you if there are any engine problems that need your urgent attention.


What do engine ECUs do?

Engine ECUs contain “maps” which are basically multi-dimensional lookup tables of minimum, maximum and average values for various engine sensors. The software on your engine ECU then interprets the information from those tables and sends an appropriate signal to the relevant engine sensors so that the appropriate performance is delivered during your drive.A simple example of the above would be your engine idle. If the sensors on your car engine send a signal to your car ECU that your engine is cold, the ECU will tell your engine sensor to increase idle speed until normal operating temperature, so that the engine won’t stall. 

Why should I remap my car’s ECU?

When car manufacturers create engine maps for the ECU, they have to develop them so that the engines they control have a balance between fuel economy and performance for all geographical regions and all driving styles. As a result, the software on your car is not necessarily optimized for your driving style or for fuel supplied in the country in which you live. Understanding this, many vehicle owners wish to further refine their car’s engine map through the process known as “ecu remapping” so more the engine’s performance potential can be released.

It depends on whether your vehicle is petrol or diesel, turbo charged or not turbo charged. Typically non-turbo petrol engine cars have less to gain from remapping than turbo charged vehicles regardless of whether or not the engine is petrol or diesel. Turbo diesel engines tend to realize the most gain from ECU remapping as they benefit both from the turbo as well as from their higher compression ratio. But equally performance increases will differ because the requirement of the vehicle owner will be different. Not every car owner wants the most powerful vehicle, some would rather a blend of improved overtaking performance when required mixed in with improved fuel economy for the rest of the time. In such cases remapping “performance” will be different from one driver to the next let alone from one vehicle to the next. In all cases however, remapping is only beneficial if the remap itself is customized to what the vehicle owner / driver wants and needs. In short a properly remapped vehicle should tune the vehicle the customer wants into the vehicle they want to drive. If this is achieved, both the vehicle owner and the vehicle itself benefits.

What sort of performance increases can I expect to gain?

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